Schools and Groups

As a leading Approved Activity Provider (AAP), your school or group can be confident of our DofE expedition management service.
We offer comprehensive Expedition packages that deliver classroom-based training and on-the-hill learning. These are aligned to the DofE Expedition Training Framework and take participants through all the required stages from preparation and training through to the Qualifying Expedition.

Open Expeditions

As well as catering for organised groups such as schools and youth groups, we know that some individuals would like to do DofE but are not involved with an organised group. Plans also don’t always work out and you may not be able to attend the scheduled expeditions that your group have planned.

DofE Expeditions

At Peak we pride ourselves in being specialists in delivering premium quality DofE programmes.
As one of the first providers to be named an Approved Activity Provider we have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience to deliver your DofE expedition. We cater for all three levels meaning that we can take you on your journey from Bronze all the way through to Gold.
All of our programmes are either ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke and built in line with the needs of you and your group in mind. Whether you are a school or youth group, or an individual looking to complete your award with an open expedition we can help!

Additional services

We provide many additional servicers, such as Kit Hire and Qualified Leaders. 

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“Parmiter’s uses Peak Expeditions to deliver our Gold Expedition. They are thorough in training with excellent ideas for routes showing a clear knowledge of the terrain. The equipment supplied is of a high standard and all personnel are enthusiastic & personable.”

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